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What the heck is a healing deck? Great question. Imagine if an inspirational coffee table book and a deck of playing cards had a baby. We like thinking of it as bite-sized nuggets that can help you take a moment to spend with your healing. There are some absolutely amazing books about grief out there. Sometimes a book is too much to process though. Sometimes something small and powerful can have just as big an impact on your thinking as an entire book. Consider it a little empathetic pick me up, a snippet you can manage and process, to help you through your day.


The Healing Deck is the size of a standard deck of cards (52 unique images, and 2 jokers, of course). Each card face has a different image or quote on it. Over time, we have collected quotes, concepts, and images about grieving, healing, and resilience. The Healing Deck has put some of those quotes on cards interspersed with images from our notecard collection.  The back of the card deck has our trademarked  heartbroken, but not broken logo on it. 

Healing Deck: 52 Heals for your Feels

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