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Praise for

Heartbroken, but not Broken

“Jaime’s writing is holy, hilarious, and hauntingly beautiful. She sweeps us up into the inner chambers of her heart and shares the horrific, yet ultimately hopeful journey of losing a child. Jaime gives us a naked, raw view of grief and then tutors us in how to more compassionately comfort those experiencing the trauma of loss. Her exquisitely intimate story-telling will make you reassess how you parent, partner, pray, love, and live in the world. Infused with faith, humor, and breath-taking insights, this book will crack you open, and you will not be the same."

-Bethany Brady Spalding

Author of the “Girls Who Choose God” series   

and “A Girl’s Guide to

Heavenly Mother"

"We live in a culture that seldom speaks openly about grief. In some instances, we are even embarrassed to show our sorrow. Why are we ashamed to cry? Why do we feel that sharing sadness is unacceptable? How can we effectively mourn with those who mourn if no one is willing to share their heartache? In Heartbroken, but not Broken, Jaime Clemmer offers readers an intimate recounting of the aftermath of her son’s sudden death. She shares the details of her unfettered grief to offer license to anyone struggling to tell their own story. She invites you to walk with her. Her path is complicated and sacred, as is the case with most grievers. We can effectively mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who are in need of comfort. We can be present for people in their sorrow. Jaime’s Heartbroken, but not Broken can show you how. Her story is a testament to us all that tears are not a source of embarrassment, and sorrow is not something to be hidden.

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