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Sawyer Holden Clemmer McKinley
February 3, 2006  (lots of life) October 28, 2016

Our 10 year old son Sawyer died unexpectedly in October 2016. An otherwise totally healthy child, Sawyer was fearless in life and generous in death as an organ donor to seven individuals. We had rubber bracelets made for friends & family to take home after his Celebration of Life to remember the joy of his life not the sadness of his death. The bracelets use the initials from his nickname (SOY) to represent characteristics Sawyer embodied in his big, short life. Characteristics we wanted to inspire others to embrace in his memory.

Be Strong. Be Outrageous. Be You.

People heard our story and about Sawyer's 7 lifesaving gifts and wanted a bracelet for themselves, to remind them life is short and inspire them to live large.


Over time, we also found our family motto resonated with people. We are

"heartbroken, but not broken." 

People everywhere are grieving for a lot of different reasons. As we received thoughtful cards and gifts after Sawyer died, and kind notes of remembrance and empathy, we were strengthened by them. On Mother's  Day in 2019 I decided I wanted to send a card to friends I met who also suffered the death of their child. I couldn't find anything that conveyed the emotions I wanted to convey. I wanted something that shared the depths of their sorrow and the pride of their strength and nothing spoke to me. I realized I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a collection of products, beautifully crafted, whose sole purpose is to acknowledge grief and honor the resilience found in all of us. Especially in the middle of the toughest of moments.

Our hope is people will give and wear and share all of our products as a reminder to keep living your one wild life, even on the toughest of days. Remember, you may be heartbroken, but you are not broken!

Sawyer only lives in our hearts now, so our intention is take him on one wild ride. You all help by taking him on your own wild ride as you wear your #mysawyerbracelet proudly and donating to the Sawyer Scholarship that helps others achieve the goal of college! Thank you.

Check out all the people who have been inspired to

Be Strong. Be Outrageous. Be You.

at Submit your photo sporting your SOY bracelet through the link on the

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